Innovation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics lead to the new products and discoveries that drive our 21st Century lives. You need a passion for creativity and a rigorous approach to research in order to have the scientific literacy that will be in demand throughout your career. STEM graduates at John Carroll see new worlds of possibility...and bring them into being.

  • Core strength
    Contrary to popular opinion, the first two years of college are not the same across higher education. The strength of the JCU Core is a distinctive four-year curriculum that integrates deeply with your major and exposes you to the intellectual habits you need to succeed in the world.
  • Preparing for the STEM economy

    “To succeed in this new information- based and highly technological society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past.” NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION

    John Carroll provides an amazing foundation for navigating the knowledge economy.

  • The science of the mind
    The study of psychology can lead you to medical school, law school, careers in business, scienti c research, counseling and more. Our students make connections between the brain and the body, between individuals and their surroundings, and between research and the real world.
  • Research power
    John Carroll STEM faculty are heavily involved in research at the frontiers of their fields, and they actively involve students in the projects. These efforts often lead to publications and presentations at regional and national conferences.
  • Jesuit to the core
    Do you have an Ignatian heart? Learn to discern between different paths and fearlessly choose a greater good, acting with and for others. Built on the centuries old legacy of St. Ignatius, our Jesuit Heritage courses explore the most pressing ethical and social justice issues of your profession and the world.
  • The write stuff
    A scientist trained in the Jesuit liberal arts tradition has a huge advantage over others with just purely technical training: you gain the ability to communicate effectively. Our integrative core ensures STEM students can communicate their ndings and help others see what they see, leading to the creation of products and innovations across many diverse industry sectors.
  • The path to healthcare success
    There is no better place to be than on a Jesuit campus, and in a thriving healthcare center. At JCU, you’re learning in the heart of the nation’s top healthcare region, with access to internships, research and alumni connections needed to guide your health professions career.
  • Big data
    Employment of mathematicians and statisticians is projected to grow 21% by 2024. Similarly technology occupations are projected to grow 12%. JCU integrates your technical training with the liberal education that data science, statisticians, and programmers need to be ready for immediate employment or graduate studies.
  • Beyond being a doctor
    While JCU has an amazing track record in the health professions, sometimes a class or relationship with a faculty advisor will create a spark and send you on a different path.
    Andrew Harrington ’17
  • Big bang
    Physics challenges you to grapple with abstract ideas like the big bang, black holes, and string theory, and then quickly turn ideas into concrete discoveries like computers or lasers that improve our lives. Being able to go easily from idea to action is why physicists and science-thinkers are in high demand.
  • Perfect chemistry
    Chemistry is referred to as the “central science” because of how it connects to so many other fields of science. Our focus at John Carroll is to tailor your chemistry passion with the right research and internships to prepare you for top chemistry jobs in the 21st century.
  • Stem stars
    The Ohio Academy of Science has selected Dr. Michael Martin of the Biology Department as a STEM Exemplar as part of the Believe in Ohio program. The program develops Ohio’s next generation of STEM innovators. STEM Faculty like Dr. Martin will be your role model pushing you to pursue your STEM with an entrepreneurial passion.
  • The secrets of life
    Biologists strive to understand the role of evolution in biological phenomena, the role of the environmental interactions, and ethical behavior in scientific endeavors. JCU provides diverse campus and regional research opportunities that will position you for a quality life spent studying life.
  • Expanding horizons
    With various medical school partnerships and dual admission programs, JCU sets students on a sure path for further studies. When your future path is assured, students like Leanne Tang are able to deeply immerse themselves in majors, minors, and the full JCU experience.
  • Where science meets business

    JCU alumnus, Alex Mellott, had an idea for a molecular probe that could visualize cancer tissue to help imagine new surgery technologies.

    A special science and entrepreneurship program agreement with John Carroll and the University of Notre Dame has allowed Alex to continue his studies and realize his vision to create uorescence image guided technologies.

  • How the world works
    As a physics major, Brian Holler seeks to understand how the world works. That love of learning how things work and how they are connected represents the entire JCU experience: Relationships with faculty, student research, internships, and student organizations all de ne how you are a member of the larger JCU community.
  • JCYou
    Have you found the college with the right “fit” yet? Shopping for fit is complex and many factors will guide your decision making. Our team is fully cross-trained in admission and financial aid to handle all your questions when you’re ready to take the step.
  • Cleveland Rocks
    Cleveland rocks for many reasons. But, most importantly, with JCU alumni running hundreds of companies across Northeast Ohio, your college experience is your time to rock Cleveland through internships, summer work, and class-based research projects.
  • Still Deciding?
    Before you declare a major, every course you take matters. Our curriculum lets you explore without wandering, not wasting a single credit hour. At JCU, you will work one-on-one and in teams with faculty advisors, planning your path to a major, while honing the skills employers want.
  • Capping off your degree
    What distinguishes your experience at JCU? A self-designed Capstone project. Whether it’s a research paper, thesis, a presentation, or a project for a local organization, you’ll demonstrate your mastery of skills learned over four years and set yourself up for all the future opportunities that await.

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