is Summit County’s new arts, culture and entertainment events web site. Tymcio Hoffman developed the site name, its tagline and identity elements and its overall look — as well as a multi-media site launch campaign with print ads, animated web banner ads, transit ads, direct mail and posters. The site’s objective is to increase awareness of (and attendance at) arts and culture events throughout the county. As the “Arts, Culture, Fun, Every Day” tagline indicates, the site’s approach is “big tent” — it includes a wide variety of events and venues that extend far beyond traditional high culture. We want people to know that they will find useful everyday as they plan social and recreational activities. We want people in Summit County to know that they don’t have to travel to Cleveland, Columbus or Pittsburg for a vibrant arts and culture scene. And we want people who live outside of the county to know that it’s a great place to visit for recreation and fun. The launch campaign began in October of 2015 and is still underway.


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Skills: Animation & Web, Arts & Culture, Logos & Mastheads, Publications